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Take a Chance on Me - Jill Mansell Jill Mansell's Take a Chance on Me is a quirky and warm story about a girl--Cleo--who's still living with the embarrassment of being humiliated by her high-school crush, and a boy--Johnny--who's taking his time to figure out what he really wants. True to form, her characters are larger-than-life and definitely not perfect, yet you find yourself rooting for them to get their happily-ever-after.And it's not just Cleo and Johnny you feel for, the accompanying cast of characters are pretty entertaining, too. Not that everything's hunky-dory for everyone else. Oh, no... As the romantic webs start entangling everyone in the town of Channings Hill, you wonder if it's going to end up more like a daytime soap than a rom-com. But no worries, everything works out in the end, even if the ending was just a teensy bit rushed.The humor shines through brightly, and the characters are so vivid that you can imagine this on film. This is another must-read from Jill Mansell--add it to your fall list!