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The Six-Gun Tarot - Wow. The Six-Gun Tarot blew my socks away. I’d loved the cover, which set my expectations high, and boy did it deliver.There’s so much between the covers. It starts at the beginning, with the very Creation itself, when God finds that something already inhabits this world, something so dark and contrary that it has to be contained so the plan for this world can go on as intended. God’s intention, of course.But before you start thinking this is a Christian story, it’s not. It’s a story of an improbable town, with its myriad cast of characters whose individuality is a surprisingly cohesive element in this amalgam of religions, cultures, and mythologies. The mayor is Mormon. The sheriff’s deputy is Native American. There’s a Chinese section of town. And the sheriff himself is rumored to possess the luck of the Devil himself. Then there’s the requisite inhabitants of any Wild West town. Banker. Shopkeeper. Saloon owner. Runaway kid hiding from the law. The down-on-their-luck and downtrodden.Not that anything here is stereotypical. Not the people, and definitely not the story. There’s so much here that you’d never imagine it would work together, but Rod Belcher not only makes it work, he crafts a masterpiece that demands your attention, then rewards it with a rich tapestry that delights. This one goes in the keeper pile, and I’m already eyeing the TBRs to see when I can sneak in another reading…drey’s rating: Outstanding!