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The Postmortal - Drew Magary I received The Postmortal a while ago and didn’t get around to picking it up until recently. Which was a mistake, as this is a very entertaining satirical commentary on human nature. Partly dystopian, The Postmortal delves into a world where there’s a cure for aging – and what happens when our basest instincts gets ahead of altruism and compassion…drey’s thoughts:Drew Magary’s The Postmortal is funny and engaging. Told as diary entries by John Farrell, it covers just about everything you’d expect to come up in the what-if-we-never-die scenario. The religious arguments against humans playing God. The morality question – if we never have to answer to a higher power, what’s keeping us in check? The societal – and governmental – problem when there are too many people living way longer lives than any actuary could ever have imagined. The impact on the ecology and economy of the world. What do you do when there’s not enough resources to go around? And then there’s the power play – how many governments can resist the lure of soldiers who may never die?John’s world eventually changes from one we know to one that’s reminiscent of Octavia Butler’s The Parable of the Sower - where you either have or you don’t, and The Book of Eli - where people start eating other people because hey, there’s nothing left to eat…Entertaining and thought-provoking, The Postmortal is a must-read. Go pick it up!drey’s rating: Excellent!