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Hot Wheels and High Heels - Jane Graves Poor Darcy. She’s been dumped, and quite humiliatingly — her husband sold the house and absconded with all of their money while she was on vacation. Now, she has nowhere to go other than back to her parents’ trailer home, her beloved car is getting repossessed, and she finds out that not only did he leave with all of their money, he also took some of his employer’s.What a fall from the lofty heights she’d perched at, with her mansion and her luxuries and her cosmetic surgeries… Which ticked me off, actually. A thirty-nine year old with cosmetic surgery? Really? And don’t get me started on her mother. Holy wow.But when you’re at rock bottom there’s nowhere to go but up, and Darcy starts off with a new job, and eventually a new apartment… Her attempts at being more than just a receptionist-slash-filing-clerk brought to mind Stephanie Plum’s foray into bond enforcement, and was just as entertaining. Her clashes with her boss Jack is like flint striking stone, complete with sparks flying. And her run-ins with her husband’s former boss, Jeremy, brought on the willies. Not just because he’s trying to lure her to his bed with promises of the luxuries she no longer has access to, but because Darcy actually considers it. *Shudder* Ick.Overall, though, Hot Wheels and High Heels is a fun and entertaining way to lose a few hours. I didn’t love the ick-factor, but enjoyed the back-and-forth between Darcy and Jack. And things eventually work out in the end, but I could’ve made the journey just as well without the icks.drey’s rating: Pick it up!