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Silent Scream (Romantic Suspense, #11) - Karen Rose If you enjoy a suspenseful read, then Karen Rose’s Silent Scream is right up your alley. This one has a sexy romance with an engaging couple, and a suspenseful plot that goes toe-to-toe with it. So toe-to-toe, really, that I categorized it as both.The story begins with a fire — and a death. Four people whose actions were begun in misguided altruism suddenly find themselves the target of a blackmailer who wants extra hands instead of money. After all, why dirty your own, when you can have others do it for you?The fire also brings together two lost souls, baggage along for the ride. Detective Olivia Sutherland hasn’t had it easy, and with her last case still haunting her, she’s got enough to deal with. Then she sees him at the scene of the fire…David Hunter moved to Minneapolis for one reason — not that he can get himself to actually tell Olivia that, so he concentrates on fighting fires. All of a sudden, there’s a rash of ‘em to fight. The two keep meeting, one reluctantly, the other hopefully — but before they can do anything about their personal lives, they have to figure out who’s setting the fires, and why.The plot moves quickly, and the pace will keep you flipping the pages. The romance takes a while to build up, but it feels natural. The characters feel real, and the villain gives me the chills. You’ll inhale this if romantic suspense is your thing — if you haven’t already, of course…drey’s rating: Excellent!