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The Officer Says "I Do" - Jeanette Murray Tim is a straight-laced Marine on leave in Vegas with his two best buds when he does the unexpected – gets drunk, and proposes to Skye. She says yes, they get married, and the next day he leaves on deployment. You’d think that’d be the end of it, but that would make for a very short story, wouldn’t it?Luckily for Tim, Skye believes in Fate, which is why she said yes to his proposal in the first place. So she tracks him down. Boy is Tim surprised to see her! I liked that Tim was willing to give the marriage a try. I liked that Skye asked for nothing less, and was open to navigating the waters of military-spouse life. I didn’t like that she changed – her behavior, dress, etc. – even though I know she did it because she wanted to support Tim’s career. It wasn’t just that she changed, it’s that she did it without talking to him about it. I suppose in any new marriage – or any marriage – it’s easier to assume instead of bringing up something that might rock the boat, especially if you’re unsure what the result would be.That aside, The Officer Says “I Do” is a sweet and romantic story about a boy and a girl who meet and marry, then fall in love. Not quite the usual way things happen, but who’s complaining? drey’s rating: Pick it up!