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Cold Fire: Spiritwalker: Book Two

Cold Fire (Spiritwalker Trilogy) - Kate Elliott I really enjoyed Kate Elliott’s Cold Magic, and couldn’t wait to read Cold Fire…drey’s thoughts:Catherine Bell Barahal is on the run from the cold mages and the Prince, along with her cousin Bee and her half-brother Rory. (To find out why, read Cold Magic, book 1 in this fabulous steampunk series from Kate Elliott.) They wind up separated, and Cat learns her true father’s identity. Which doesn’t help in her present predicament, as she travels through the spirit world, washes up on an exile island, falls for a handsome rogue’s lies and escapes on an airship.Then she is unceremoniously dumped on Expedition, and finds out her husband (gasp!) has somehow wound up at the same place. How and why, she doesn’t know. And she’s more concerned with survival to worry about it. As time draws closer for the Wild Hunt however, Cat realizes that prophecies and dreams have plotted a collision course for her and Bee, and she has to do whatever she can to keep her cousin safe. How she juggles that with everyone else’s lives at stake is what keeps the story interesting.Cat is stubborn and headstrong, and she’s a very enjoyable character to follow – barring the fits of pique. Vai, her husband, shows more depth than the arrogant cold mage he was in Cold Magic. And Bee is, well, Bee. This installment is all about Cat, and I like her growth and maturing. I can’t wait to get my hands on the third book in the series – tentatively titled Cold Steel, and anticipated next year (which is almost here, yay!).drey’s rating: Excellent!