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Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (Windham, #4) - Grace Burrowes drey’s thoughts: If you’re a fan of regency romance and you haven’t picked up Grace Burrowes’ books yet, well, you should go remedy that oversight immediately! Start with The Heir. I’ll wait…Got it? Good. Burrowes’ previous books so far have been about Sophie’s brothers. This one’s all Sophie, though her brothers do play a part in the second half of the book. Be prepared to love her as much as fans love the Windham boys…Sophie is hiding out in the family’s London home when she’s stuck with a baby and a stranger in the middle of a snow storm. And while she’s thankful for the advice he provides in the baby’s care, she’s not sure she wants to like him as much as she does. Especially when neither knows the other’s status. You know, that silly thing that gets in the way of people actually behaving like they want to? But fear not, eventually our heroine gets her hero, even if – yes – her brothers have to make him see the light. I guess sometimes even heroes need nudging. Lots of it. Which was cute, really – all these handsome burly men scheming to make Vim realize what he needs to do. Anyway. If you like regency romance, you will love Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish. The characters are lovable, the dialog entertaining, and the story heart-warming. This is one to read curled up in a blanket with some tea or hot cocoa on a cold winter night.drey’s rating: Excellent!