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Once Again a Bride - Jane Ashford Poor Charlotte. Her father lost his mind prior to his death, and tied her to a mean Grinch in a loveless marriage. She hates her husband, his house, and his household. Things are dark and depressing, with no end to the torment in sight.Then he’s killed one night, and his oh-so-righteous nephew shows up. She didn’t even know her husband had family! good thing he did, though, because Charlotte and her maid Lucy have somewhere to go when her home is broken into…She’s not sure what to expect from Alec, but his household is nothing like her husband’s. His sisters are charming, his aunt is nice and friendly, and Charlotte sighs in relief at some normality. Until Alec thinks he might be falling for Charlotte, and he’s adamant that love-matched couples don’t make a good marriage. Yeah. Family history can definitely screw up your sense of perspective, can’t it?So. The widow is shaking off her restraints and loving life. The hero is getting more broody by the day. And there are villains to find — after all, we still don’t know who killed the Grinch. Once Again a Bride has characters and a plot that’s entertaining and fun, and whiles away the cold winter nights quite nicely.drey’s rating: Pick it up!