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Lady Eve's Indiscretion - Grace Burrowes Have you ever read Grace Burrowes? If not, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Her heroes are so in every sense of the word, her heroines are ladies you’d want for your best friends and sisters. That is, if you didn’t give a hoot what society thinks…And Lady Eve’s Indiscretion is no different. Eve Windham screwed up a long time ago, and stays as far away from marriage as she can. This season however, she fears her mother may be more than interested in seeing her happily wed, and so Eve concocts a plan with Lucas Denning to be each other’s decoys. It can’t be that bad — he’s handsome, a friend of her brothers’, and he doesn’t want marriage any more than she does.Then fate throws them a curve-ball when they’re caught, and next thing they know they’re being marched (ok, so it’s not quite that bad) up the aisle. And Eve has to figure out how to let her husband love her, even if he doesn’t know the secret that plagues her. Because Lucas does love his wife — even if he hasn’t quite told her so yet. Men.Not like he doesn’t have any baggage of his own. After all, Lucas is planning to sue for custody of his niece from the blackguard who’s her father, because of a promise and a stubborn refusal to consider that his brother-in-law might not be as bad as he’d thought…So we have two stubborn people, a lot of love, history to revisit, secrets to air out, and a happy ending to achieve. Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? But Burrowes delivers, with her usual charm and sexy chemistry, and throws in a mystery to boot. If regency romance is your thing, definitely give this a whirl. Start with The Heir.drey’s rating: Pick it up!