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Free Fall - Catherine Mann Free Fall is a bit different from previous military romances I’ve read. Usually, the hero’s in the service, and the heroine’s on the periphery. But here, Stella’s as kick-ass as Jose – she’s an Interpol agent after all. AND she’s just saved his hiney at their first meeting… The chemistry between the two burns hard and fast, and quickly burns out, because men are oftentimes dumber than they want to let on. And women are usually more stubborn than is good for them. But there’s still a story to be told, so Stella and Jose meet up again. And this time, it’s Jose’s turn to rescue her.There’s a lot of unresolved issues to get through before they can even contemplate getting together again. Not that either would admit to that contemplation, partly due to pride, and mostly due to a tight timeline as they try to unravel a plot to strike at the United States.I enjoyed the plot as much as the romance, though I did want more of the action than I got, and I wished for Jose to come to his senses sooner than he did. Then again, isn’t that what romance novels do? Fans of the genre should give Free Fall a whirl!drey’s rating: Pick it up!