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Too Wicked to Wed - Cara Elliott drey’s thoughts:My oh my. Cara Elliott starts off Too Wicked to Wed with a visit to a certain house of ill repute… By the lady. Of course, she’s only there to look for her brother but what a way to cement Lady Alexa as a person who will do what she thinks is necessary to help those she loves, never mind what the ton thinks…Can you tell I like her already? As for the Earl, he takes a bit of warming up to – he really can be a complete ass. Even when it’s not on purpose. I guess sometimes habit gets hard to shake. The story itself is ok – the dastardly plot has a feeble at best villain. Luckily this is a romance novel, where the sparks are what’s important. And boy are there sparks. Wicked, wicked sparks…drey’s rating: Pick it up!