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The Silent Girl (Rizzoli and Isles Series #9)

The Silent Girl - Tess Gerritsen I shouldn’t have skipped books 3-8. There, I’ve said it. And now I’ll zip it shut so I don’t spoil it for anyone else.In The Silent Girl, Jane investigates a murder reminiscent of a 19-year-old murder-suicide in Chinatown. Mythology features prominently in this installment set in Chinatown, with a cast that includes a dying swordmaster, an ancient Chinese sword, night-time maskedvigilantes, and a mystery to keep you on your toes.I loved the plot – there are enough twists to keep you guessing, and therefore interested. The Chinese mythology was a bonus, but also distracting because I’m trying to remember the stories I heard growing up, while reading the book… Yes, I know, I’m bit loopy.And I’m not saying anything about Jane’s or Maura’s personal lives – things sure have changed between book 2 and 9! All in all, Silent Girl is an excellent read for fans of the genre.drey’s rating: Excellent!