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One Scream Away - Kate Brady Ok, this book was c.r.e.e.p.y... I'm not a big fan of dolls, and to have them be the "message" in this book was just "ugh"-inducing. "Ugh"s aside though, One Scream Away is an edge-gripping, fast-paced read. Beth is stubborn and strong--she has to be, she's protecting her child. Neil is cynical. And Chevy is just creepy. Heebie-jeebies creepy. (have I mentioned creepy?)The plot is tightly written, and you go on a ride to the finish line with Beth. And all the while you're wondering, why won't you speak up? What are you keeping hidden? Let him help!! *sigh* One Scream Away is a gripping read, all the way to the end.