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Shift (Shifters Series #5)

Shift - Rachel Vincent Well, after reading Prey and being impressed, I had high hopes for Shift. It met my expectations for a good follow-up to the overall storyline, introduced more drama as well as character growth, and definitely tugged on the heartstrings--especially as Faythe's pride deals with the aftermath of Ethan's death.Apparently taking over as council chairman isn't enough for Malone, as he seems to want to take out Faythe's pride too--except (maybe) for the tabbies, because he's got a plan for the tabbies... I so do not like Malone. He makes my want to bare my teeth and growl, grr! When the sudden appearance of thunderbirds--not seen in twenty-five years--on Faythe's pride's land involves an attack, they're correct in assuming something fishy is going on. Finding out what is dangerous work, but Faythe manages to accomplish it in the end, getting banged up (again, of course) in the process.The thunderbirds were a cool addition to the storyline, but I wasn't sure how I felt about them. After all, we've only been dealing with cats up to this point. I was happy with Faythe's growth though. She's stepping up, making the hard decisions, and relying on instinct and observation instead of just reacting. I cannot wait for Alpha.