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Ghost Story (Dresden Files Series #13)

Ghost Story (Dresden Files Series #13) - drey’s thoughts: Poor poor Harry. *sigh* He does the world a good deed, and ends up in the ever-after for his efforts. Good thing he’s got friends… Or does he?In this thirteenth installment to the popular Dresden Files series, Harry is sent back to watch over his friends–and to prevent further catastrophe (of course). He’s not real. He’s lost his magic. And he can’t figure out which friends need protecting, never mind the how.Reading a bit like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Harry gets to reflect on how his emotions have caused some of the ruckus now gone mad in Chicago–and all around the world–and figuring out what he needs to do to help fix things for everyone else. Murphy’s stressed and mostly in shock. Molly’s surviving as best she can. And Bob’s split off his evil half, just in case somebody not-so-Harry gets their grubby mitts on his skull. Sigh. When did saving the world get so complicated?I loved the growth Harry experiences in Ghost Story. I winced at the Molly we see here. And I felt really really badly for Murphy. But I thought the ending provided a twist to how the story can progress, and I can’t wait to meet the Harry starring in book number fourteen. drey’s rating: Excellent!! Not quite my favorite Dresden Files book, but close.