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For Darkness Shows the Stars - Diana Peterfreund Elliott North is eighteen, frustrated, and scared. Her family’s crops are failing, and her father’s just plowed over her latest experiment to put in a race track. Isn’t anyone else worried they’ll starve in the coming winter? Then again, we shouldn’t say “experiment” out loud. Luddites are completely anti experimentation of any kind, and even more so when you’re playing with splicing living things together, never mind that they’re just crops. So, shhh!The weight of responsibility on her shoulders leads Elliott to rent out some of the family land to a group of shipbuilders – and even then she runs into opposition from her family. So she really doesn’t need the added aggravation of having Kai back on family lands. Kai, who was her best friend ever. Kai, who was her first love. Kai, who ran away to make a better future for himself. Kai, who hates Elliott for not going with him.But Kai couldn’t have been that great a BFF or first love, if he didn’t understand that Elliott had the fates of everyone who lived on the North farms on her shoulders. How could she abandon everyone else?I liked Elliott North. She’s strong and resilient. She’s smart as a whip. And she’s caring and kind. Not that she’s perfect – she gets all bent out of shape whenever Kai’s mean, which is a lot of the time. Grow a backbone, girl, and tell the boy that he needs to grow up! Kai is the perfect jilted boyfriend, angry and disdainful and rude, throwing words back in Elliott’s face, being a complete jerk… I get where he’s coming from, but geez – what would you have done, in Elliott’s shoes?For Darkness Shows the Stars is cleanly written, beautifully imagined, and begs for a sequel. Definitely add this to your reading list if you haven’t already.drey’s rating: Excellent!