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Adam - Ted Dekker Published on drey's library: http://www.dreyslibrary.com/2013/04/15/review-adam-by-ted-dekker/Adam is a creepy read, a Light-vs-Dark-struggle thriller made more macabre as you watch the villain descend into his hell. We meet Daniel Clark as he’s trying to convince his boss to let him go rogue – let him investigate without the red tape of bureaucracy hindering his actions, to try and find the killer known as Eve, before the next victim shows up. Fifteen already have, and every month brings a new body so it’s a race against time.The story of the hunt is interspersed with newspaper clippings from after, telling Alex’s story. So you know he gets caught eventually, but when? And how? And that is what keeps you turning the pages, as Dekker amps up the stakes chapter by chapter.Of course, this isn’t just Daniel’s and Eve’s story. Daniel’s ex-wife Heather is as obsessed with Eve as he is, and his new partner Lori may be even more so. Some of the plot is predictable, especially if you read a lot of psycho-killer thrillers, but Dekker has a few surprises up his sleeves for you to discover. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of Dekker’s, or serial-killer police-procedurals with a hero almost as whacked out as the killer.drey’s rating: Pick it up!