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The Werewolf Upstairs - Ashlyn Chase I'm pretty sure the biggest reason I didn't love The Werewolf Upstairs is because the ARC copy I received had typos and grammatical errors in it, which really really bugs me. Blame it on my English-teacher mom. Heh.Character: Roz is an attorney who moves into her BFF's Boston apartment after said BFF got herself married off, because she's worried about her BFF's spouse. But as soon as she gets into the apartment, she meets the sexy dude from upstairs, and before you can whistle in appreciation, he's gotten arrested, she's his public defender, he posts bail, and the two are doing the horizontal tango. All by Chapter 3. I'm like, huh? Really? I mean, I know he's all sexy and stuff, but...And Konrad. What kind of Alpha is he to let someone else take his pack? I mean, maybe I've been reading "harder" paranormals, but can you imagine Mercy's Adam letting someone waltz in and stealing his pack? Hmm... Not on your life, baby! In his defense, he is a nice guy. Er, werewolf.The other neighbors are a quirky lot, with two witches, a private investigator, a resident ghost, a vampire in the basement, and a cantankerous building manager... All in all, a fun group to read about.Pace & Plot: The Werewolf Upstairs is a quick read, and the plot is pretty simple--boy & girl meets, fall in love, run into trouble, fix it all, and find their happily-ever-after. It's almost too bad I am as bothered as I am about grammar and spelling.