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No Proper Lady - Isabel Cooper drey’s thoughts: Every time I look at this cover, I wonder why the girl has a tattoo–it’s so not in keeping with historical romances… Then I realize “duh!” she’s not from the times, she’s just in the times. Or there wouldn’t be a story!Joan comes from “our” world, but a version of our world that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies… Or yours. Demonic hordes are systematically wiping out humanity, and the last survivors are flagging and running out of options. Their last-ditch effort? Sending Joan back in time. Her mission: eliminate the magician who set loose the hordes, before he gets strong enough to do so.And so this warrior from a bleak world drops onto a pretty pastoral England, and winds up saving the life of Simon Grenville. Coincidence or dumb luck? Who knows. And Joan doesn’t care, as Simon is a fortuitous ally–he’s got a score to settle with Alex Reynell as well.The two bring to mind scenes from Pygmalion as Simon and his sister attempt to tutor Joan in the manners and behavior expected of a proper Victorian lady–which she’ll need if she’s to catch Reynell’s eye while out in society. Never mind that she’s not a lady, never mind that she cusses like a sailor, and never mind that she’s there to kill. What she is is focused on her objective, and she deals with the bewildering array of differences between their worlds with humor and sometimes awestruck joy.The plot is plausible, the characters endearing, and there’s a happy ending (it is a romance novel after all). A nice twist on historical romance with a touch of magic.drey’s rating: Pick it up!