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The Comfort of Lies - Randy Susan Meyers I’ve read some very good things about Randy Susan Meyers’ The Comfort of Lies, and I have to say, they’re well-deserved praise indeed. This is an emotional story, and I felt equally bad for Tia, Juliette, and Charlotte, who’re all victims of circumstance. And while Tia did make her bed, and Charlotte went along with the adoption, neither could have realized the impact those decisions would have, years down the road.Tia’s regrets, Charlotte’s angst, and Juliette’s fears — these are all emotions that are not strangers to us. They reflect our own worries, if not for the same exact reasons, and this is why The Comfort of Lies resonates.But far more than just emotions, The Comfort of Lies tells of reactions, and opens up the realization that our reactions are a result of our experiences and our expectations, both of which are personal to each and every one of us. We’ve all pretended that things were fine. We’ve all gone along with others’ wants and needs. And we’ve all done it either because it was expected or we thought it was expected, and knew that whatever reason we gave — whether to others or to ourselves — sometimes, we really didn’t want to.So. While each characters’ actions may not stand up to judgement, if there was a judgement, they all did so for very personal reasons. And while real life may not have treated these families as well as Randy Susan Meyers did, I am glad that The Comfort of Lies ended the way it did. All of us who’ve taken comfort in lies — no matter how big or small — should be able to hope that one day, lies are not required to be a part of our lives, and we are free to be ourselves, and be just that little bit happier for it. Because if we don’t confront our fears, how will we ever get to truly live?drey’s rating: Excellent!