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Girl Unmoored - Jennifer Gooch Hummer Apron Bramhall is thirteen, and trying to make sense of her world. Her mother’s dead. Her father’s sleeping with the former in-home nurse, now live-in pain-in-Apron’s-life. Her best friend’s ditched her. And nobody has the time of day for her worries…Then she meets Chad and Mike. And learns that life has bigger problems than a soon-to-be-stepmother who’s trying to kill her guinea pig.Apron is a fabulous character, and Jennifer Gooch Hummer writes her so realistically I feel as though I know her, and I’m going through this journey with her. She is strong in her convictions, even as she’s uncertain as to what she can do about any of her circumstances. As teens are wont to do, she’s all for trying to take care of stuff herself – until she learns that sometimes it’s ok to ask for help. And sometimes there isn’t any to be had.The story tugs your heartstrings, and you will sniffle alright, cry, for this lost girl. And you’ll cry for the resolution she finds, too. Pick this up. Like, yesterday.drey’s rating: Excellent!!