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The Secret Keeper: A Novel of Kateryn Parr

The Secret Keeper: A Novel of Kateryn Parr - Sandra Byrd I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with Kateryn Parr as a character, except for Phillipa Gregory’s The Virgin’s Lover where she’s in the background in a scene with Thomas Seymour and the Princess Elizabeth – so I really looked forward to reading The Secret Keeper. And guess what? It totally didn’t disappoint!We see everything through the eyes of Mistress Juliana St. John, the daughter of a merchant. Her father’s dead, her mother’s cold, and Sir Thomas Seymour suggests that Juliana serve in the household of Kateryn Parr. Once there, it’s not long before Kateryn is summoned to court, and Juliana goes with her. Nobody knows that Juliana is a seer, and her life is forfeit if that ever changes…Court is treacherous enough: Catherine Howard’s been dead for a year, King Henry is looking for a new wife, and his eyes are on Kateryn. Adding to Juliana’s burden is the secret love affair of Thomas and Kateryn, Juliana’s vision of Thomas and Elizabeth, and her own enchantment with a handsome young knight. Can Juliana keep her mistress’ secrets? What about her own? And what does she do when she finds out one about herself – one that makes her question her very identity?The Secret Keeper grabs your attention with the first word, and keeps it throughout the book. You will not want to put it down – Sandra Byrd’s storytelling is so crisp and descriptive that you’ll imagine yourself in Juliana’s shoes. Historical fiction – and Tudor – fans should definitely add The Secret Keeper to their shelves.drey’s rating: Excellent!