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The Dark City (Relic Master Series #1)

The Dark City #1 (Relic Master) - Catherine Fisher The Dark City is the first book in Catherine Fisher's new Relic Master series. It introduces you to Galen Harn (a Relic Master) and his scholar Raffael Morel--called Raffi; and follows their adventure as they search for missing relics in a kingdom where magic is suspicious and their Order is out of favor. This introduction happens pretty quickly, and the action flows almost immediately from that point. What else would you call it but action when they're trapped, stolen from, and then set to hunt down a thief who stole from the same one who sets them on their mission?The action flows smoothly, if predictably. The characters are lively enough, and the dialog is good albeit a bit uninspiring. All in all, The Dark City was interesting enough for me to want to check out the rest of the series, if only to find out where Fisher is going with this story. But yeah, it's a tad predictable--formulaic even--at this point. However, don't take my word as the be all and end all, get your own copy and let me know what you thought!