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Blood Bound (Unbound) (An Unbound Novel)

Blood Bound (An Unbound Novel) - Rachel Vincent drey’s thoughts: Once upon a time, four friends made a promise to each other to always help one another when asked. And they bound that promise with blood, not knowing that blood oaths have ramifications that will follow you for the rest of your lives. Or kill you. Fast forward to the present day. The four are friends no longer, having lived with the consequences of the blood oath. And the oath has been “neutralized” by a second one. Or so they think.Liv Warren is a Tracker, a sort of bloodhound-slash-bounty-hunter. She can track anyone by using their blood, and freelances to whomever can pay the bills. When Annika shows up and asks Liv to find her husband’s killer, Liv realizes that their second oath has been destroyed. Now Liv has to juggle conflicting loyalties along with an ex-boyfriend she can’t seem to shake. Will she survive Annika’s request? Better yet, will he?Part paranormal-romance, part suspenseful mystery, Blood Bound explores the ramifications when loyalty and free will collide, especially when working under the power of multiple oaths. The plot twists and turns, letting you know there’s way more going on than you expected. All of which combine into a recipe for a must-read from Rachel Vincent.drey’s rating: Excellent!