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Picture the Dead - Adele Griffin, Lisa Brown Jennie Lovell has lost much. Orphaned, she and her twin brother Toby go to live with her miserly relatives, where she eventually falls in love. Then she loses her twin brother to the Civil War, and now it looks as though she’s lost her fiancé, Will, too. Will’s brother Quinn is the only one to return from the war, albeit wounded.Then Jennie is convinced that Will is haunting her. But why? And why won’t Quinn tell her how he died? She has no one to turn to, nowhere to go, and her life is getting worse by the day. When Quinn shows interest in her, she goes along with it – for a remaining connection to Will, for a roof over her head, for the love he says he has for her. But is Quinn really what he seems?Before you know it, Jennie is poking around – and finds more than she bargained for.Told in Jennie’s first-person point of view, Picture the Dead entertains with the story, and with the illustrations contained within. It is achingly sad, yet romantic. Jennie’s innocence shines through, her heartbreak and confusion palpable. Her curiosity is endearing, and her scrapbook entries, honest. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Picture the Dead, and love that I get to share it with you.Visit www.picturethedead.com for more information on the authors, and discover the goodies, games, and pastimes available on the ‘Divertissements’ page.drey’s rating: Excellent!