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Stray Souls - Kate Griffin I have to start by saying that Stray Souls was initially a little hard to get into the swing of. It’s very British — in speech, language, and sense of humor. But once I did get into the swing of it, I couldn’t put it down.Sharon Li is a barista in a so-so coffee shop with a crappy boss, who’s eventually told she’s a shaman, but has trouble believing it. Her mentor is cranky and not so much into the whole teaching thing. And when Sharon is told she has to find the missing souls of London, she has no clue where to start.So she turns to Magicals Anonymous, a self-help group she’d started for those with extra “abilities”. And we meet a cast of characters who put the quirk in quirky…Stray Souls is wickedly funny, totally modern, and spot-on in its social commentary. I loved that Sharon uses Google and facebook to try to find some answers. I loved that her Magicals Anonymous group worry equally about the fate of the world, and adequate dental care for vampires. I loved that even the big bad villain turns out to have a heart after all.Most of all though, I love the sense of humor that permeates this urban fantasy. Not that it’s all laughs and marshmallows, because the story has its dark parts. I’m off to wait for the next installment in this series, and am considering picking up Griffin’s Matthew Swift series – I’ve read good things about it! drey’s rating: Excellent!