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Eyes to See (Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle)

Eyes to See - Joseph Nassise drey’s thoughts:Fans of Harry Dresden will like Jeremiah Hunt. Unlike Harry, Jeremiah is blind, has no magical powers, and can barely function in normal society. What he can do is see ghosts – and make them go away. And like Harry, he helps the police – in Boston – whenever he can. This new series of murders are perplexing though, and the perpetrator leaves plenty of clues to intrigue and confuse Jeremiah.I like Joseph Nassise’s storytelling in Eyes to See. Jeremiah’s history is told in flashbacks – chapters titled “Then” vs. “Now” – and show us the heartache and loss he faced when his daughter went missing. The plot was suitably intriguing and engrossing. The ending was not quite what I was looking for, but I can’t have everything, can I? Even so, I am looking forward to see where Jeremiah’s journey takes him next.This is a very well-written dark and gritty urban fantasy. Fans will love this and clamor for more.drey’s rating: Excellent!