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Gossip: A Novel - Beth Gutcheon I love women’s fiction that deals with friendship – especially life-long ones – which is why Beth Gutcheon’s Gossip piqued my curiosity. And now I’ve read it, I have to say I quite enjoyed the story, though I’m not terribly fond of any of the characters…Lovie and Dinah met and became friends while in boarding school. Avis was there too, but wasn’t a part of Lovie’s life until they run into each other years (and years) later. I thought Avis was quite alright, faults and all. She’s one of those people who aren’t easy to like on the surface, it’s endearing though how she means well but doesn’t quite know how to translate thought into action.I found Dinah quite annoying, and it seemed as though she had no redeeming qualities once she quit her job over principles, which made me sad because she’s such a larger-than-life kind of person. but her petty behavior had me wondering why Lovie put up with it…And Lovie, friends with both, trying to not let on to one how much the other dislikes and dismisses her. Lovie, who loves unconditionally – even when it may not be for her own good. Lovie, whose voice tells this story of friendship and the burdens it places on you – along with the benefits. Lovie, who didn’t annoy me, but also didn’t garner affection.All in all, Gossip was an entertaining way to pass a few hours. I didn’t love it, because I didn’t care about the characters – but who’s to say you won’t? drey’s rating: Pick it up!